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Users Benefitting And High Revenue Generating Travel Booking Software

Earlier, on a plan for vacation peoples will choose a place and then they will look out for their accommodation and other rental services in that place. But nowadays it has drastically changed peoples are picking their place for vacation based on the rental services present there. So the rental listers sought this as a good opportunity to make some money by leaving their home for rent on their unused days. Here to connect the rental listers and rental seekers an efficient platform is needed. You can effortlessly build an efficient platform to effectively connect the rental listers and rental seekers using Appkodes’s Travel Booking Software.

Benefits of rental booking apps

The reasons travelers/vacationers prefer a rental booking app are,

  • First of all, generally it helps them to spend their time efficiently.
  • On the first hand, it provides them an idea about all rental services available on that location.
  • They can conveniently book a space by viewing the exact images, as for how it would be present.
  • If in any case, they have queries they can directly contact the rental proprietor to get clear, even before making a booking.
  • They can custom search according to their needs.
  • They can find rental spaces around them located on the map, also on the move.
  • They can view the reviews and ratings posted by previous users, to get an idea before making the bookings.

The reasons for rental listers to prefer this app is,

In this technology era, none for sure will manually search on search engines for vacation rentals. Mostly, every rental seeker is preferring to do with a rental booking app. So it has got a readymade traffic. Where a rental lister, listings may get reach sooner than expected. This is the main reason for the rental listers to prefer the rental booking apps.

And the other thing favored the rental listers are its simple, uncomplicated money-making model. The process right from the listing until the receiving the payments are simple and easy for all the rental listers

Appkodes’s script with adequate features

The users can enjoy these benefits only when that app have all adequate features for it. And Appkodes’s rental script has got features like,

  • Instant/request booking
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Wishlist
  • Advanced search/filter
  • Map and location-based search
  • Notifications
  • Social login/Messages/Invites
  • Verified users
  • Guest/Host reservations
  • Multiple currency/Currency conversion
  • PAYPAL payment gateway/ Transaction history.

All these features are by default available on the attractive UI of this script. Also, this script can be endlessly customized to mold it as per your need.

End thought

So if you are planning for starting any kind (home, car, boats, etc) of online rental business, do it instantly using Appkodes’s Travel Booking Software- Airfinch. It has got all requisite features which guarantee the best UX and efficiently generates revenue through the commission set up. So avail Airfinch and view your business live on the web, ios and Android platform in minutes.


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